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Today you can grab yourself a brand new PLR product that’s all done for you so you can start making sales starting today…

It’s called “The Print on Demand Playbook” – Turning Your Digital Content Into High Value Physical Infoproducts

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Best of all, you’ll grab full private label rights to rebrand and resell the entire course as your own!

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Here are just a few things you can do with the product:

– Use it as video content
– Provide it inside your paid membership
– Use it for offline clients, coaching, speaking
– Turn it into a physical product
– Use the product as a bonus
– Use is as an upsell for your product
– Edit, modify, add and manipulate the content
– Put your name as the author
+ much, much more!

Go grab the PLR package while it’s heavily discounted for the launch:

All you need to do is:

1. Download the product
2. Make a few slight modifications like adding your order button
3. Upload it
4. Add some traffic …

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Just a warm reminder about the PLR product I announced the other day from my friends, Charles and Laurel Harper

If you haven’t got yours yet, make sure to grab it here:

It includes everything you need to start reselling it:

* Module 1: High Quality Video Training Course
* Module 2: Printable Checklist
* Module 3: Resource Cheat Sheet
* Module 4: Createspace 2 Sided Book Template
* Module 5: Ready-Made Mobile-Friendly Sales Page
* Module 6: Expert Audio Interview Lead Magnet & Opt-in Page
* Module 7: High-Quality Professional Graphics
* Module 8: 10 x Quality Articles

And as a bonus, you’ll also get:

1. A Fast Start Training to Set Up Your Product

2. A Video Strategy Guide for Positioning Yourself in the Market with PLR

3. A Live Q and A Workshop with Charles and Laurel

So there’s really no excuse for you not to get this PLR product.

Do yourself a favor and get your copy!

What can you do with the private label rights?

1. Use the Content to Coach A Self Published Author
2. Extract the content to use as YouTube or Vimeo Videos
3. Combine the Videos Into a Single Workshop
4. Re-purpose the content for offline use
5. Add it to your membership site
6. Offer it as a bonus to your customers
7. Sell it on the backend as an Upsell
8. Edit, retitle and customize it anyway you’d like!

Get your copy right now before the price almost doubles!

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In case you haven’t heard, The Print on Demand Playbook PLR was JUST RELEASED…

It’s Reveals Step by Step Instructions on Getting Your Book Published on Create Space And How To Get Your Infoproduct Sold as a Physical Product on Kunaki, something that marketers want to know and have had no one to show them how, and you’ll get full PLR rights…

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PS – This is high-quality, well-researched PLR that will stuff your pockets full of cash…Not only that, the price is so low that you’ll make your investment back and then some with your very first sale.

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There’s no doubt that you’ve heard that product creation is one of the best ways to make money online.

Sure, creating products and doing launches can be extremely profitable, but it is also a LOT of work and requires a ton of time investment and money to see results.

Not to mention the time it takes to research and find a product idea that’s in demand and something that people will actually spend money on… (failure to do this can result in a BIG LOSS).

There is some good news…

You can still make a ton of money online and completely skip the whole product creation thing.

The answer is private label rights products, or PLR for short…


But, just any old PLR is NOT going to do the trick. You MUST find high-quality, in demand PLR like what you’ll be able to get when you click the link above…

It’s called The Print on Demand Playbook and it’s the most complete PLR product that I’ve ever seen.

Marketers are BEGGING for this type of information, and now you can give it to them.

But, it doesn’t stop there…

Instagram Stories will give you everything you need to profit TODAY…

This thing includes:

* Module 1: High Quality Video Training
* Module 2: Promotional Email Swipes
* Module 3: Createspace 2 Sided Book Template
* Module 4: 4000 Word Talking Points Slide Presentation
* Module 5: High Converting Sales Copy
* Module 6: Professionally Designed Minisite
* Module 7: Full Set of Stunning Graphics
* Module 8: 10 x High Quality and Unique Articles
* Module 9: Stunning, professionally designed banners

Click the link below to see EXACTLY what’s inside along with a very special offer to get The Print on Demand Playbook at a steep discount.

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PS – Print on Demand Playbook is well-researched and focused on a topic that’s in-demand right now… This isn’t about what was working yesterday on Internet Marketing.

This is a complete guide that will take a marketer from A to Z when it comes to Creating Physical Products , and now you can be the one that sells them this much needed information…

Click below to see for yourself just how profitable this PLR Business in a Box can be…


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